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Bromsgrove SEO Service not affected by mobile search algorithm

A recent Google algorithm update which was released on the 21st April 2015 to target websites which are not mobile friendly has not affected websites which were designed to be responsive. Usually Google does not warn in advance of algorithm changes which may affect websites but the mobile search changes were announced earlier in the year to allow website owners to make any changes as required in anticipation of the update.

Businesses who were fortunate enough to have created their website to be responsive would have sighed in relief as it meant that any search traffic which their website receives from mobile requests would not be impacted. There is also no affect to search traffic generated from desktop requests even if your site is not mobile friendly. So you may ask yourself if there is any need to change your site to a mobile friendly website. If you were fortunate enough to use a reputable SEO consultant or agency then you would have expected that your mobile search traffic for the website was reviewed when the proposed changes were initially announced. If you have noticed a drop in traffic from mobile searches or indeed have recently noted that your keywords have dropped in  rankings when you search from a mobile phone then the chances are your site is not responsive.

For those businesses who do not have the technical knowledge to transfer their website to a responsive design or it has not been explained if their site is mobile friendly then it is worth just searching for your site on a mobile device. Search Google for a known keyword which your site normally ranks for and it will probably now have the term  mobile-friendly displayed in the search description if it is. Websites which are not mobile friendly are more difficult to navigate around as the buttons are close together or the font may be smaller or the site may not fit on the mobile screen without sliding and manipulating it around the screen to view all parts of the page.

Grow your online business and use our SEO service in Bromsgrove.

Use our SEO service in Bromsgrove when creating your SEO strategy and build your online business into a resilient profitable one. This requires planning and execution. Many businesses start with a great idea and evolve as time goes on. Many diversify and the best will adapt to changes in the market place to meet the demand.
Unfortunately many business will fail for various reasons no matter how large or successful they have become. If you need to build your website from scratch because you are a new start up business or have an old website which needs revamping then contact a reputable SEO Company before you design your new website or redesign your old site.

If you already have a live website and it has had SEO completed on it and setup correctly for the Google search engine, then it is important that when migrating to your new website, the existing SEO and trust which has been built for the original website is not lost when you build your new site. This is often overlooked when new sites are built and it only becomes relevant when the business owner realises that web traffic has been lost. Use the services of a reputable SEO Agency who can project manage the migration of the website and use their knowledge to ensure the transition is smooth and efficient.

Knowledge and contacts built up over the years dealing with Online Digital Marketing through SEO is invaluable and as a result are able to recommend reputable SEO service in Bromsgrove of an established Company which is very transparant and ethical with its clients.

SEO Service Bromsgrove

If you have been watching the most recent series of the apprentice like myself then you will know that the latest business partner for Sir Alan Sugar has a business idea based on online digital marketing SEO services. There are many businesses on the internet which offer Search Engine Optimisation but if you are looking for a local company in Worcestershire or Birmingham then simply type SEO Service Bromsgrove into the Google search.

Many followers of the series over the last 10 years may still be wondering what the winners business idea is which has secured the start up investment. There are many online digital marketing businesses who will promise to move your website up the search engine rankings in Google.

The USP (Unique Selling Point) which helped to secure the business proposition was based around an account manager visiting the business to understand the small and medium sized business strategies on a personal level and then allocating an account manager to visit the business at their business premises.

Search Engine Optimisation as a service has been available for many years now and even the most knowledgeable web designers do not build websites which are SEO friendly. This apprentice series will now have raised the profile of Search Engine Optimisation services for websites and many people will now start to take an interest in what the benefits are to businesses who decide to have their business website optimised.

It was interesting to see that Sir Alan Sugar recognises the importance and relevance of this service and for myself as a follower of the apprentice over the last 10 years when I was introduced into the SEO industry over 4 years ago now. I was able to watch the final episode and understand what would be involved to achieve success in this latest business idea.

Do I think it is a winning business idea ? …… Of course it is…Once the prospective business owner who wishes to conduct a business on the internet understands the concept that in order for a customer to find your website on the internet it needs to be optimised correctly. The analogy which was used during the final pitch for the use of his service was that to operate a website business on the internet without SEO would be like opening a shop on the high street and filling it with all the best products. Then not putting a front door on the shop so no customers could enter the shop and buy any products.

SEO service without the jargon

When a search is made on the internet for a product or service the keyword or search term is typed into the Google search. The result of the search is a list of websites which Google thinks you would be interested in looking at.

SEO simply stands for Search Engine Optimisation and refers to the process which if completed within Google’s guidelines will have a positive effect on your site and how it is found by the search engine.

Most people usually find what they are looking for within the first page or 10 websites as they move down the list so it follows that your website ideally needs to be on the first page of Google or near the top of the second page in positions 11 and 12.